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We provide a wide variety of products and services to meet your individual needs. From deed reports and individual document retrievals to full title searches and everything between we can customize a product that will give you exactly the information you need to aid your customers.

Here are some of our standard services:

Deed report - Deed chain representing 100% ownership in requested property

Current Owner - A search of property from 100% transfer to current effective date detailing all open deeds of trusts, liens of other matter affecting title

Full search - A search of the property back to a stop conforming to state regulations of time or circumstance (eg. 45 yrs in Missouri, stop at developer,ect.) detailing all deed transfers, open mortgages, liens, easements, etc. affecting subject property

Update and Record - An update of search done previously to determine intervening documents before new documents are presented to county for recording into land records.

These are just a small sample of services we provide clients, please contact us for an explanation and quote for work you need completed within our coverage area, we will be happy to fulfill your needs.